MNUM - Mooph Numberz



Mooph (move) numbered tiles so they touch. Click on a numbered tile that's around the MNUM board so it moves to the furthest free space. In MNUM, numbered tiles have to connect/touch in basic directions (top, bottom, left, right). If the numbered tile has number 2, 2 numbered tiles with number 2 have to be next to each one. If it's 3, 3 tiles numbered 3 have to be next to each one. And so on. If those numbered tiles touch, they disappear and points are added.


MNUM, the tile-matching puzzle game, uses depth first search algorithm to check if numbers connect. You don't have to create just lines... This is JavaScript implementation, so no installation, no plugins, just a good browser (including common mobile browsers). The game uses MOOPH module.


The original concept of MNUM was written in two days (during weekend). It didn't have colors, but it was fully functional.

Tile matching inspiration

The concept was taken from Tetris. I know, it's a "little" different, but the idea is from that... Yet another tile-matching puzzle game...

MNUM for Android

MNUM for Android here. (features autosave, points multiplication, fading effect and it's disabling, hi score)

Facebook page (gimme like)

Play on 5x5 board (4 versions - easy to hard, no advertisement):

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