This game was created for not that smart or very young children of smart parents. I think that in the first phase the kid understands the real meaning of numbers 2-5 (fading helps with that). In the second phase as the score grows the kid starts understanding addition. And finally in the third and final phase the kid starts understanding multiplication.

I was told it's also a good game for the old people...



Early in the year 2016 I've decided to write a game. So I took MOOPH module and in two days (during the weekend) I've created the first version of MNUM. It had only red and black colors (red was chosen just because it consists of 3 letters and I was terribly lazy to write a longer color; there's no ideology behind the project). The recursive depth first search algorithm was fully functional.


During summer 2016 I had many discussions about the game with communities around, and with my facebook friends. So I made a lot of changes. I've made it green, the "buttons" (numbers around MNUM board) were changed to grayscale, I've implemented save/load using cookies and I've created a simple fading effect. I've also implemented point multiplication (it happens when more than necessary numbers are connected).


During fall 2016 I've used cordova to create the android application. I've added saving of high score.


The game uses MOOPH module and creates two pseudothreads. One handles the game and the second handles fading. MOOPH module didn't require any change to work through cordova (the only thing that had to be changed was the storage of the save/load functionality and high score; I also had some technical difficulties with centering for portrait/landscape mode)...

Future plans

Right now it's a single person project. I'd be extra happy if I found someone with who we could create better graphics. Todo:


Is this game worth comparing with sudoku, 1024/2048, 15? Or tile-matching mahjong?


Every like, share, tweet, donation, order of link for 5x5 version and other interaction with site is welcome! The discussion about MNUM on SimpleChat.

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